Global Health Services Network to provide nursing and allied health education in Myanmar

GHSN is pleased to be offering a conference on Optimizing Nursing Care for Acute and Critically Ill Patient Populations, taking place October 6th – 9th, 2015 in Yangon, Myanmar. Designed by the American Nursing Institute (ANI), a subsidiary of GHSN, this conference will provide an intense educational opportunity for the attendees, helping them to further develop clinical skills, enhance their professional development, and increase their knowledge base. Attendees will be given the opportunity to network with and learn from highly credentialed and experienced ANI faculty from Eastern Michigan University and The University of Michigan. Golden Zaneka Public Trading Company and GHSN had previously signed a Memorandum of Understanding in November 2014.

The conference location of Myanmar was strategically chosen, as there are significant opportunities to enhance equitable access to healthcare. There is a large discrepancy in equitable access to health care in Myanmar. As the last country in Southeast Asia to open to foreign investment, Myanmar is now rebuilding and rapidly transforming their healthcare system with renewed energy and enthusiasm. Nurses and allied health professionals with clinical, didactic educations are severely needed around the world and particularly in Myanmar. By co-sponsoring this conference, GHSN and its partners are hoping to reach nurses and allied health professionals who otherwise would not have access to this level of continuing education.

As ANI Director and Director of Education for GHSN, Dr. Martha Tanicala, EdD, MSN, RN will be speaking at the conference. Dr. Tanicala stated “It is a privilege to share and learn with Myanmar health professionals and take one step closer toward quality patient care around the world”. As one of the first U.S. healthcare organizations to work in Myanmar, GHSN has made a commitment to advancing the practice of nurses via comprehensive and high quality training programs.

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