International Hospital Federation Appointment of Global Health Services Network

Global Health Services Network is proud to announce the appointment of our Founder and President Patricia Williams, MS, CHE to a select working group for the International Hospital Federation (IHF), based in Geneva, Switzerland.  This group is a joint collaboration between IHF and the International Union of Architects (IUA). This IHF-IUA working group on the design of operationally efficient hospitals consists of leaders in international health care design, such as international architectural experts, hospital management experts, operational leaders, and clinical design experts. The team has been hand selected by the IHF to provide evidence-based expertise for the development of guidelines conducive to the design of operationally efficient hospitals.

Ms. Williams looks forward to providing her 25 years of healthcare experience in 30+ countries and helping to improve and create sustainable healthcare systems around the world.

For more information on this appointment and Ms. Williams’ work, please contact

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