American Hospital Management Institute



The American Hospital Management Institute is an international professional hospital management education program which provides a certification of healthcare executives throughout the world.

The program, in collaboration with the Eastern Michigan University College of Health and Human Services, is designed to prepare professional healthcare and hospital leaders in both the public and private sectors to lead innovative organizations within their communities.

Our teaching strategies focus on global industry recognized management and leadership competencies.  The participants are engaged in didactic lectures, case studies and group discussions which take advantage of practical learning and tools which are immediately applicable.

Our Characteristics

  • U.S. Standard curriculum focused on quality of care, service delivery, and efficiency
  • Adresses key competencies required of hospital managers
  • Focused on practical and applicable learnings for healthcare leaders
  • Encourages participants to become patient-centered leaders
  • Strong focus on the patient and family
  • English language
  • Led by U.S. faculty

Our Certification Program

Our certification program is customized for each location where it is implemented, however the basic foundation of the program is described below.

It is executed over 4 quarters in one year, with  a five (5) day module each time.  There are two faculty members per module.